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Public Lecture 1

The Need For Quality Exercise During Aging: How To Plan For Your Productive Retirement

Professor Robert Robergs, Ph.D., FASEP, CEP, AEP

School Of Human Movement Studies

Charles Sturt University


Free Public Lecture

Thursday, May 28, 2015

6:00 – 7:00pm (followed by light food and refreshments)

Main Lecture Theater, Building 1292

Nearest Parking – P7

Have you wanted to be more physically active but just haven’t been able to? Do you need more understanding of why you should be active? Do you know the difference between physical activity and exercise? Do you yearn to be more active and because of that more healthy? Are you aware of your risks for poor health and premature death from being sedentary? Are you worried about growing older and becoming less and less productive and independent? If so, then the ALEP is for you, and this Public Lecture could be the start you need to take control of your life and plant a seed that will support your growth to a healthy, productive and rewarding transition to and through older age.

Professor Robergs will first introduce you to the Active Lifestyle Education Program, and then present the detailed evidence for why being or remaining inactive, regardless of age, is a recipe for disaster for your health and well-being. Further evidence will be presented to focus on the added complications of inactivity and aging in our “latter” decades of life. Based on all of this evidence for why inactivity allows disease processes to develop, and for too many, cause premature dysfunction and death, the focus of the talk will change towards what you should do, and why. Different types of exercise will be discussed, and where possible, research evidence will be presented to clarify the benefit, or not, of this approach. The goal of the talk is to have you walk away better equipped with the knowledge to understand the need to exercise, know what to do, and to start this process now.  Your life depends on it.